PLKC Pink Cactus Moccasin
PLKC Pink Cactus Moccasin

PLKC Pink Cactus Moccasin

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Soft, subtle pinks and polka dots bring this mocc to life! Colorful cacti make for a great summer pair - lined in natural bamboo cotton with 100% cotton uppers and a vegan suede sole.

Piper Lane Kids Co. is a brand that was created with the fashion-forward child in mind. From footwear to accessories, handmade & trendy is front & center!

Each pair of Piper Lane Kids Co. shoes come carefully packaged in a keepsake - did we mention it's sustainable and ECO-friendly?! - perfect for hassle-free gifting!  

Made to order.

*Available Sizing: 

0 - 3" (Preemie/NB)
1 - 3.75" (NB)
2 - 4" (NB/Baby)
3 - 4.5" (Baby)
4 - 4.75" (Early Walker)
5 - 5" (Walker)
6 - 5.25" (Walker)
7 - 5.75" (Toddler)
8 - 6" (Toddler)

*Each size fits UP TO the measured length shown. For best results, measure the child's foot from heel to toe and add 1/4" for room. For example: if the child's foot measures 3.25" from heel to toe, add 1/4" to that to get 3.5". Because we do not utilize measurements in between, you would then select our size 1 - which fits UP TO a foot measuring 3.75" in length.*