About Us

Hi! I'm Bree - owner & founder of Piper Lane Kids Co! Thank you for stopping by - I'm delighted you're here!
For as long as I can remember, I've loved creating. Building from the ground up - always hands on! I grew up stitching, sewing, and crafting, so it was only natural that I carry that love and know-how over into what is now the brand you see before you.
I've always loved handmade shoes & clothing with unique patterns & prints! Finding what I liked wasn't always easy - in fact it was nearly impossible - ultimately leading me to just making it myself! Superheroes, comic book characters, and even funky prints - you name it, my desire to create it came to life! After many friends and family pushed me to create the brand - Piper Lane Kids Co. was born! We started out as a flagship line in a local boutique and have quickly gained an independent presence and following since!
From organic cottons to vegan suedes and leathers, the products you'll find here are far from average. Each pair of moccasins and product is hand-constructed from scratch. From the pattern selections to the final stitch - it's all handmade. Not one mass produced item is carried here! You can rest comfortably knowing your purchase is well-made, quality controlled, and produced right here in Texas!
We're so glad you have stopped by and can't wait to see what you find. Don't hesitate to ask us a question if you need to, we respond to chat during normal business hours!