PLKC Lucha Libre Red Mocc
PLKC Lucha Libre Red Mocc

PLKC Lucha Libre Red Mocc

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Our ode to the beloved mexican Luchador, is an assortment of colorful lucha libre on a red toe box adorned with a rainbow black speckled heel! Super plush cotton lining with 100% cotton uppers and inners. Vegan suede outsole.

Piper Lane Kids Co. is a brand that was created with the fashion-forward child in mind. From footwear to accessories, handmade & trendy is front & center! Each shoe in our moccasin line is constructed using 100% cotton uppers & cotton lining. Faux suede outsoles. 

Each pair of Piper Lane Kids Co. shoes come carefully packaged in a keepsake wooden box and wrapped with our signature printed PLKC ribbon - perfect for gifting!

Made to order.

Available Sizing:

0 - 3"
1 - 3.75"
2 - 4"
3 - 4.5"
4 - 4.75"
5 - 5"
6 - 5.25"
7 - 5.75"
8 - 6"
9 - 6.25"

If your little one has extra pudgy feet or is in between sizes, we recommend ordering the next size (or 2!) up. That way they will have more room and for a longer period of wear! Please note if your child has wider feet in the comments section of your order so that we may alter the width slightly (along with loosening the elastic band).

**Custom sizing available upon request.**